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Getting Started

There is nothing more frustrating than a website that is over complicated. You want to sell your services or goods right? Nexa Webdesign will make your journey to a succesful Website as smooth and easy as possible. Good first step to take is to brainstorm your Business Name and then to decide on what domain name would fit it best.

Domain Registrations

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While we check your proposed Domain for availability, choose which features you would like to use on your Website.

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Website Design

There are always choices in life. You can go and complicate things beyond understanding. Or you can simplify your Business and your life by being logical in your approach. That is where we can fit into your journey becoming a business owner. We like to keep things simple, yet professional. Our designs are of the highest standard.

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Just like a Captain of a ship needs a compass to navigate around, you will need some form of tool that will show you how your website is doing traffic wise. This is where Analytics comes in to play. Analytics will give you traffic flow totals on your site and can also assist to see how you fare with sales.

Graphic Design

Graphics if not overdone could make the difference between a boring and an engaging website. We provide Graphic Design services with the option to have your images animated too. Animated images can blow some life into pages.

Social Media

Get heard on the social front. With more than 20 different social media platforms you can target whatever audience you can think of.

Backend Coding

Do you need special actions to be performed during form submissions? We can code processes in place that can enable communication between different Database types.
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